Willacy County Navigation District / Port Mansfield



Willacy County Navigation District owns and operates all the property known as Port Mansfield, an area of approximately 1760 acres; the Navigation District enters into leases for both commercial and residential purposes for up to fifty (50) years.

Port Mansfield strives to maximize the utilization of the port’s infrastructure, increase the number of port related jobs and personal income with sustainable development, and maintain environmental stewardship while furnishing the greatest economic benefit to the district’s taxpayers.

International trade opportunities for Port Mansfield include the following:

  • NAFTA trade with Mexico
  • Bulk construction materials
  • Agricultural products/supplies
  • Container-on-barge business
  • South Texas Spaceport business


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Willacy County Navigation District / Port Mansfield
Ronald D. Mills, Port Director
400 W. Hidalgo Ave., Suite 200
Raymondville, TX 78580
(956) 465-9641