WW Patterson

ww patterson

For over 160 years, we have been designing and manufacturing equipment for heavy duty towing and lifting operations–building a genuine tradition of safety-focused innovation. Our reliable, thoroughly-tested products, and customization capabilities have helped to improve customers’ bottom lines by reducing maintenance, unplanned downtime, workers’ injury claims, and the frequency of machinery replacements.

Safer. Easier. Faster.

We prove it every day with our customer satisfaction ratings, SRI ISO 9001 certification, and product performance records, like that of the revolutionary YoYo Winch. Let us know if you need help optimizing a build-out or increasing operational productivity. We are ready to put our team’s expertise and smart, hard-working equipment to use for you.

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Patterson has a long history in the construction industry, with both standard products, and custom creations, that will meet and exceed your requirements. With general purpose winches, off the shelf turnbuckles and tensors, and custom concrete form supports, we are confident that we have a solution for you. Whether you need to drag something along, lift something up, or just tie something down, we will help you do it

WW Patterson

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