WWW Brief Career Survey

WWW Brief Career Survey

This summer we will be creating a careers page on our website.

The page will highlight the many careers our sponsors have to offer, as well as link back to your company’s “How to Apply” and “Job Openings” pages for each of the positions you all offer!

We need your help!  Below is a link to a brief survey.

Please Note:

We promise this survey is SHORT!

If you are not the correct person to complete this survey,
please pass this on to the appropriate person in your organization.

The survey will ask you to click the careers that your company currently employs.

Provide the current salary range for positions for which your company hires.
Please Note: This information will be kept confidential and will only be used to gather an average for the industry. 

Provide us with a direct link back to your company’s “how to apply” or “job openings page”.

If you would like, you can provide us with a photo of a person at work in a position and that photo may be featured on our career page.


The survey will also give the opportunity to provide us information for careers we may not have listed, including careers that follows STEM education, (Science, technology, engineering and math) cyber security and more.  We want our career page to highlight as many different career paths as there are people working in these fields.


Click the link below to take the SHORT Maritime Careers Survey!   This survey will close EOB Monday, June 3rd.



If you are not sure if your company is a sponsor, or you are not a sponsor and would like to become one: