America’s Central Port

America’s Central Port, a 1,200-acre facility located on the Mississippi River, is at the last lock on the Mississippi River. The river is free-flowing past this point, making the Port’s new Madison Harbor, the river’s most northerly lock-free port.

Both the Granite City Harbor and the Madison Harbor provide the benefit of dry-bulk terminals. The General Cargo Docks can handle all items that are not otherwise handled at the dry or liquid terminal facilities. Accessibility at the Port includes six Class I rail carriers and Interstates 70, 64, 44 and 55.

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America's Central Port


Dennis Wilmsmeyer

Dennis Wilmsmeyer, Executive Director
Bill Stahlman, P.E., Director of Engineering and Construction
1635 W First Street
Granite City, IL 62040
(618) 877-8444