F & M Mafco


Jobs take tools, and some jobs take very big or very specialized tools. When it’s your project or jobsite, you need a reliable, no-nonsense supplier of those tools and “we don’t have that” isn’t an answer you can accept.

At F&M MAFCO, we have what it takes — not just the right tools and heavy equipment to do the job, but people who care enough to really help, and the creativity to find solutions to our customers’ real challenges.

With tooling, heavy equipment, tool management systems, rentals, sales, repairs and more, F&M MAFCO can keep projects moving and workers working.

No nonsense. No excuses. We have what it takes


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Larry Kelhoffer

9149 Dryfork Road
Harrison, OH 45030

(513) 505-1732




Tim Rowe, Heavy Equipment Manager
9149 Dryfork Road
Harrison, OH 45030
(513) 383-2664 - Tim