Metro Ports

Metro Ports is a brand composed of: Metropolitan Stevedore Company, Suderman Contracting Stevedores, Inc. and Southeast Crescent Shipping Company. We have offices along U.S. West, Gulf, East Coast and Great Lakes and operations in 20+ ports nationwide.

The utilization of Metro Ports in branding key operating companies pays homage to the rich experience and history of Metropolitan Stevedore Company, which has business roots dating back to its original parent corporation in San Francisco, California.

As the decades passed after being incorporated in 1923, Metropolitan Stevedore Company became generally known as Metro, so the decision was made to use Metro Ports as the new brand of our various operating companies.

We are a service company with a strong commitment to our customers to use the best technology and management available. Innovation, adaptation, efficiency and execution have been the hallmarks of Metro Ports during its lengthy history, and those principles will guide us in the challenges and opportunities arising in the 21st century.

Our warehousing, vessel and terminal activities are expedited by the latest computer technology facilitating prompt and proper dispatching, processing, billing and accounting, and by extensive repair and maintenance facilities that assure Metro's equipment is always ready to get the job done with the greatest efficiency.

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Metro Ports
Ted McNair
3806 Worsham Ave
Long Beach, California 90808
(843) 819-4104