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IRPT Professional Services Directory - Railroad Providers and Contractors

Name Company Email
Rachel Stayton Automated Rail Solutions
Thomas Palmeri A&K Railroad Materials, Inc.
Hali Dawson Martinus Bottom Line Company (Contractor)
Brian Muller Heartland Companies, Inc.
Brent Gaines Heartland Companies, Inc.
Jon Ryan Ryan Advisory Services, LLC
George Andres Indiana Eastern Railroad, IN
Matt Cundiff Ironhorse Resources Inc., IL
Rick Hart Metro East Industries, IL (Railcar Repair)
George Andres Ohio South Central Railroad
James Tilton OmniTrax
Scott Eubank OmniTrax
Carl Yount Port Harbor Railroad, IL
Russell Pratt Pintsch NA (Railroad Wheel Sensors)
James Wades Pintsch NA (Railroad Wheel Sensors)
Rachel Staton Pintsch NA (Railroad Wheel Sensors)
Scott Lurkins Regional Rail LLC,
Pete Petree Regional Rail LLC,
Kerry Beach Squaw Creek Southern Railroad
Cory Lee Respondek Squaw Creek Southern Railroad
Paul Johnson Trainyard Tech
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IRPT Professional Services Directory